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The power of the little guys- the dreamers and a celebration of fine craftsmanship come together at the Aqualand Ale House. Boulder Jct has ever been a town of independent spirit, a place where the quality of life begins to settle, The beauty of the natural world, its gifts and challenges all draw and keep people coming back to visit again and again.

At the Aqualand Ale House, we endeavor to feature the tastiest and best of select artisan crafts. Enjoy up to 20 taps of craft beer, select wine, soda and port - gathered from Wisconsin, the Mid-West and further for your sampling enjoyment along with appetizers or as compliment to your casual, comfortable dining.

Susie and her Timer Wolf


In 1955, Pat and Kelly Wilsie founded Aqualand, a popular animal park east of Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. Passed on to their son, Bruce and Jody Wilsie’s family entertained generations of visitors to the area. Each summer, thousands of children and adults were delighted to watch a wide variety of animal characters, crazy fish performances and barnyard antics.

Susie Wilsie-Govier grew up in this fairy tale land where baby animals all became playmates and pets. Upon graduation from high school, she attended UW Stout, where she met here future husband Richard Govier, who was using his GI Bill to get a degree in Business.

Lt Col Richard Govier

Lt Col Richard Govier

Born in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin in 1957, Lt Col Richard Govier was the 5th of 7 brothers. He enlisted in the Army at 18. While at UW Stout Dick enrolled in the Wisconsin National Guard Office Candidate Program. He served 4 tours overseas, including two in Afghanistan.

Not one for slowing down, upon retirement from the armed services, Dick wanted to bring the brewpub experience, that he discovered during his time in Germany, to Northern Wisconsin.

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